Samsung 960 EVO SSD Series Firmware 2B7QCXE7 for OS Independent


  • COMPATIBLE WITH:OS Independent
  • File size :16 MB
  • Manufacturer:Samsung

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Samsung 960 EVO SSD Series Firmware 2B7QCXE7 for OS Independent


– Enhanced compatibility and stability for systems supporting PCIe.

About SSD Firmware:

Changing the solid-state drive (SSD) firmware version can bring about a wide variety of changes such as stability improvements for different sleep states, power consumption enhancements, increased read/write speeds, optimized compatibility with various systems, and many others.

However, performing this step is very risky because it can damage the SSD’s software in the event of an update failure. Therefore, make sure you consider changing the firmware only when and if the new version includes changes that you can make use of.

As for the installation method, given the huge number of SSD manufacturers and the wide variety of solid-state drives, it’s recommended that you carefully read and understand the update guide, and initiate the upgrade only when you have completely familiarized yourself with the steps.

In addition to that, most SSD manufacturers also require additional software that will help you apply a new firmware using a specific method – so make sure you have everything you need for a complete and successful upgrade.

Another aspect you should keep in mind is that this task must be performed in a steady power environment, such as the one provided by a UPS unit. Don’t forget to reboot the system so that the newly made changes can take effect.

That being said, if this release includes the changes you need / desire, click the download button and get the firmware file. If not, check with our website constantly in order to find out first when a suitable update becomes available.

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