Grandstream UCM6510 IP PBX Firmware for OS Independent


  • COMPATIBLE WITH:OS Independent
  • File size :488.6 MB
  • Manufacturer:Grandstream

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Grandstream UCM6510 IP PBX Firmware for OS Independent


– Backup your data including configuration before firmware upgrade is recommended.

– For UCM6510 on, please upgrade to directly.

– For UCM6510 on, please upgrade to first, then upgrade to

– For UCM6510 on, please upgrade to first, then upgrade to, and then

– For UCM6510 that’s still on (or lower), please follow upgrading instructions to upgrade to

Backup, Backup, Backup, yes, backup your data (including configuration) before doing any firmware upgrade! An SD card or USB Flash Drive is needed for backup purpose.)

– For UCM6510, upgrading from firmware version (or lower) to firmware version directly is not supported. The firmware upgrading process should be (or lower) ->> -> ->>

– The UCM6510 will be reset to factory default settings after upgrading to Users need restore backup file manually or re-configure after upgrade. Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT to manually BACKUP data on the UCM6510 before upgrade. Users will also be requested for backup when upgrading from to

– Once upgraded to, downgrading to (or lower) is not supported.


– Added extension whitelist/blacklist for IVR dialing [BLACKLIST/WHITELIST IN IVR]

– Added ability to include DOD in PPI Header for SIP trunk [DOD IN PPI HEADER]

– Added ability to customize PAI Header [PAI HEADER CUSTOMIZATION]

– Added blacklist for outbound calls [BLACKLIST FOR OUTBOUND CALLS]

– Added support to upload/download MOH package from web UI [MOH UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD SUPPORT]

– Added support to download custom prompts from web UI [CUSTOM PROMPT DOWNLOAD SUPPORT]

– Added option to configure prompt timeout in Dial By Name [PROMPT WAIT TIME FOR DIAL BY NAME]

– Improved seamless transfer privilege control. [SEAMLESS TRANSFER PRIVILEGE CONTROL]

– Added RTP Keep-alive support. [RTP KEEP-ALIVE]

– Added Email Send Log. [EMAIL SEND LOG]

– Added PMS feature for hMobile Connect MSG interface so MWI will be sent to the phone when receiving the action MSG of the account. Currently all hMobile Connect interfaces are supported, including Checkin/Checkout/Status/Wakeup/Minibar/Move/Update, etc.

– Added support for Mitel simulation/protocol interfaces for PMS module.

– Removed restriction that only allows creating 3 failover trunks. Up to 10 failover trunks can be added.

– Upgraded LIGHTTPD Web Server to latest version to address vulnerabilities.

– Added description field in ZeroConfig settings to configure Softkey/Line/MPK for GXP series phones

– Added support for PAI header pass-through. This is used in some special cases that the request from caller includes the PAI header to identify the source, e.g., a call from GXW41xx which contains the original number from PSTN line.

– Added support for SIP Diversion header when the call it’s forwarded. This is used to identify the forwarded call and the original forwarder.

– Added advanced IPv6 support including IPv6-to-IPv4 SIP calls, IPv6 router, IPv6 iptables/Static defense and etc.

– Updated dropbear to v2016.74


– Fixed Compatibility issue when upgrading CDR database

– Fixed Conference: Conference information displays abnormal unless UCM is rebooted

– Fixed Conference: Conference recording file is created abnormally when the admin presses */8/4 multiple times after making MCB

– Fixed Conference: UCM cannot subscribe CEI for MCB via IPv6 peer trunk

– Fixed Conference: CCM function is unavailable after using it to invite members with special characters

– Fixed Conference: UCM should play ‘conf-now-muted (or umuted) .gsm’ after admin user performs Mute/Unmute All by CCM

– Fixed Conference: UCM sends wrong NOTIFY for refresh SUBSCRIBE in CEI

– Fixed Conference: The caller name in conference is shown incompletely if the user name is too long

– Fixed Conference: The talking status of the member is incorrect when the conference is on hold

– Fixed Conference Schedule: Call transfer setting on extensions should not take effect for conference schedule

– Fixed Conference: UCM should not send BYE to the user who is invited by CMM when “Send Remote Party ID” is enabled

– Fixed Conference Schedule: The transfer target set on local extension should not take effect for invitation

– Fixed Conference Schedule: Special Extension’s First Name displays incompletely when it receives the Email

– Fixed Operation Log: Recording new custom prompt should generate operation log

– Fixed Operation Log: The content for batch adding binding Mac address is incorrect

– Fixed Operation Log: Batch modify extension has no operation log

– Fixed Operation Log: There is no operation log when updating Feature Misc

– Fixed Operation Log: There is no operation log about modifying “Allowed to Cal-Barge” setting

– Fixed Operation Log: The outgoing call permission and seamless transfer permission operation log are the same

– Fixed PMS: Extension that’s not bind to PMS shouldn’t be able to update PMS room status using the feature code

– Fixed PMS: Wakeup service can be set with single service without date

– Fixed PMS: The credit value can’t be set to no data

– Fixed PMS: It should play Consumer Goods failure prompt when the extension is not bind to PMS room

– Fixed PMS: WebUI still displays Firstname or lastname after PMS client updates it to empty value

– Fixed PMS: UCM will hang up the call when the consumer goods prompt is deleted

– Fixed PMS: UCM should respond error when sending wakeup action with wrong time from PMS client

– Fixed PMS: UCM can’t send all the wake status to PMS when the wakeup calls ring many rooms at once

– Fixed PMS: Status is changed to checkout after maid status change

– Fixed Extension: Some extension accounts can’t be deleted by deleting zeroconfig Auto Assign Extension

– Fixed Extension: Web UI can’t save setting if DND Whitelist contains “-”

– Fixed Call Queue: There is no prompt after time out in call queue

– Fixed Call Queue: In some cases, 302 message will cause the call become abnormal

– Fixed Call Queue: Call is routed into no answer destination before timeout

– Fixed Feature Code: There is no chance to retry after password seamless transfer input timeout

– Fixed Feature Code: The passive seamless transfer input timeout is too short

– Fixed Feature Code: Parking timeout is invalid when dialing parking number via DISA

– Fixed Feature Code: The voice prompt of inbound mode can’t support multiple language

– Fixed Active Call: The callee displays “unknown” when making a minibar call

– Fixed Active Call: UCM displays incorrectly when using active seamless transfer to transfer to external number via analog trunk

– Fixed Basic Call: If CallerID Number is set with letters, using Seamless Transfer will behave abnormal

– Fixed Basic Call: UCM should not send Email to wrong address in for voicemail to Email

– Fixed Basic Call: UCM failed to hang up the call when receiving BYE before 200OK response

– Fixed Backup/Restore: Extension that has MOH and language using customized values can’t restore to normal values

– Fixed Backup/Restore: Voicemail count is incorrect after backup

– Fixed Wakeup Service: UCM failed to set the year before the prompt is over

– Fixed Wakeup Service: UCM doesn’t verify if the day is correct or not

– Fixed Wakeup Service: The wakeup prompt is inaccurate if extension enables “Auto Record”

– Fixed Email Settings: The Fax Email displays abnormal when Email Template Sending Format is plain text

– Fixed Email Settings: UCM will not send strings that are after a space in the Display name parameter

– Fixed SDP Transparent: “Can Direct Media” and “Auto Record” do not take effect in some cases

– Fixed SDP Transparent: The INVITE forwarded from UCM should not carry feature code

– Fixed SDP Transparent: Call fails or call hold behaves abnormal and call appears failure

– Fixed SDP Transparent: In some case, UCM appears one-way audio issue when using Blind Transfer

– Fixed SDP Transparent: UCM sends 488 Not Acceptable in certain scenario such as SRTP is enforced

– Fixed SDP Passthrough: UCM carries wrong c parameter when callee is registered with IPv4 and IPv6 address

– Fixed Announcement Center: There is no recording file when the member selects “Auto Record”

– Fixed Announcement Center: The ring timeout priority on extension setting should be lower than the setting in announcement center

– Fixed Language: Wrong language prompt after the call is routed into DISA->IVR->Dial By Name

– Fixed Language: Wrong language prompt when dialing feature code *11 or *12 via DISA

– Fixed Firewall: Failed to disconnect TCP when IP is added to dynamic defense blacklist

– Fixed Firewall: Suggest to add a prompt that the port must be ranging from small to large

– Fixed SLA: 302 REDIRET message should not take effect when one station has call forward set to another station

– Fixed SLA: Feature code should not send to SLA station

– Fixed CDR: It would not generate CDR record after passive seamless transfer input timeout

– Fixed CDR: Cannot download CDR records successfully by month in Automatic Downloading setting

– Fixed Voicemail: Wrong prompt is played after after pressing 3 for advanced options

– Fixed Voicemail: Cannot download voicemail attachment in mobile application

– Fixed Warning: When Email sending mode is periodic, administrator receives mail delivery failure

– Fixed Warning: UCM should generate alert log when SIP registration failed from the same account ID

– Fixed User Management: SIP password can’t be changed when logging in user portal with extension number

– Fixed Login Timeout: Login timeout is shown as a negative number

– Fixed DHCPv6: Suggest to change T2 as 0.8 times of the Lease Time

– Fixed IPv6: UCM should prompt error when setting IPv6 prefix length shorter than 64

– Fixed SIP Settings: After enabling keep-alive, UCM will crash when caller and callee both perform call hold and then hang up

– Fixed System Event: There is some error to detect coredump when coredump file is too big and detect cycle is too short

– Fixed Syslog: There is no syslogd progress sometimes after enabling writing syslog into cache

– Fixed Email: Display name shows incomplete when it has period to separate the name

– Fixed After selecting factory menu to perform DSP test from LCD, it can’t go back to previous menu

– Fixed LCD should display reading file error when uploading wrong file for firmware upgrading

– Fixed Recording: CDR shows two identical recording files in certain scenario

– Fixed TCP/TLS: The extension should show as unregistered after changing port of TLS and restarting

– Fixed AMI: UCM takes wrong command and web UI will behave abnormally

– Fixed Trunk: After UCM1 receives reboot event from UCM2 and responds 200OK, UCM1 is not rebooted

– Fixed Blacklist: If there is already a blacklist including about 10000 numbers, it will take over 1 hour for uploading another blacklist with 200000 numbers

– Fixed Cleaner: File clean time in the log has wrong time printed

– Fixed Callback: Callback will ignore the outbound password when its destination is set to DISA

– Fixed inbound call reaches voicemail and drops after 8 seconds

– Fixed Ring group extensions are not ringing in order if the ring group is invited to conference from web UI

– Fixed Global/Model Template LDAP directory is using wrong values

– Fixed Wrong trunk identification when using multiple trunks from the same provider

– Fixed UCM will deny REINVITE which has no SDP with 488 response

– Fixed The destination and gateway of IPv6 static route can’t input correctly

– Fixed Reset/Reboot: PMS wakeup prompt appears abnormal after reset


– Upgrade UCM6510 from firmware to using the “ucm6500fw.bin” file.

– When the UCM6510 is on firmware, open a web browser on a PC connected to the same network as UCM6510 to log in UCM6510 web UI. Go to Maintenance->Upgrade page, manually upload “ucm6500dpt.bin” file under Local Upgrade section from your PC. The “ucm6500dpt.bin” file can be found in the “” folder in the firmware package.

– Once the UCM6510 finishes loading the ucm6500dpt.bin file successfully, it will reboot and automatically boot into recovery mode.

– In recovery mode, the UCM6510 LCD will display its IP address. Please type this IP address in the web browser of your PC that is connected to the same network as the UCM6510. Please make sure you have cleared your browser cache and type in IP address only (Do not specify protocol or port number). For example, if the IP address displayed in LCD is, please type in in the browser address bar.

– The following figure shows the UCM6510 web UI in recovery mode. Log in the UCM6510 as administrator.

– Once logged in (as shown in figure below), click on “Upload” and select firmware “ucm6500fw.bin” file from your PC to upload

– Please keep the web page open and wait until uploading is finished. Once done, an upgrading successful message will be prompted.

– On the recovery mode web UI, select “Reboot” to reboot the UCM6510.

– Your UCM6510 is successfully upgraded to

– Please navigate to UCM6510 web UI, go to Maintenance->Upgrade page, manually upload firmware “ucm6500fw.bin” file to upgrade to

About VoIP System Updates:

Firmware updates for VoIP Systems are very complex and usually contain many bug fixes, security improvements and compatibility enhancements, because the base system must be able to connect to webcams, video conference devices and the like.

Upgrading your VoIP System firmware should be done as often as possible to keep your device up to date with new security standards, and improve the native plug and play capabilities of your device.

Although beta firmware are usually full of new and exciting features, updating to them should only be done after thoroughly reading the changelog and making sure that you still retain phone functionality. Remember to check if you can revert to a more stable version as well, in case the new update is not what you were expecting.

If you intend to apply this update, please make sure that the package is compatible with your VoIP System, hit the download button, follow the installation instructions and enjoy. Check out our website as often as possible in order to keep your device “Updated one minute ago.”

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