Grandstream UCM6510 IP PBX Firmware Beta for OS Independent


  • COMPATIBLE WITH:OS Independent
  • File size :285 MB
  • Manufacturer:Grandstream

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Grandstream UCM6510 IP PBX Firmware Beta for OS Independent


– Added Call-Info header in SIP INVITE message for auto-answer [CUSTOM CALL-INFO FOR AUTO ANSWER]

– Added ability for users to select interval extensions in batch add extension [EXTENSION INTERVAL SETTING FOR BATCH ADDING EXTENSION]

– Added support for Call-Barging feature in extensions [CALL-BARGING PRIVILEGE CONTROL]

– Added support for mobile phone numbers to extensions [MOBILE PHONE NUMBER IN EXTENSION SUPPORTED]

– Added support to batch add or update CallerID Number for extensions [BATCH ADD/UPDATE INTERFACE OF CALLERID NUMBER]

– Added support for seamless transfer in extensions [EXTENSION SEAMLESS TRANSFER]

– Added white list privilege in extensions for Do Not Disturb [WHITE LIST PRIVILEGE FOR DO NOT DISTURB]

– Added string search option in extension [EXTENTION: STRING SEARCH SUPPORTED]

– Added ability to allow outgoing calls without registration through register trunk [REGISTER TRUNK: ALLOW OUTGOING CALLS WITHOUT REGISTRATION]

– Added option to append extension number at the end of DOD [APPEND EXTENSION NUMBER IN THE END OF DOD]

– Added ability for users to enable or disable inbound and outbound routes [ENABLE/DISABLE INBOUND AND OUTBOUND ROUTES]

– Added support for time condition option in outbound rules [TIME CONDITIONS FOR OUTBOUND RULES ]

– Added hotline option for FXS extensions [HOTLINE FOR FXS EXTENSIONS]

– Added different algorithm methods for FXO testing [ACIM OPTION FOR FXO DETECTION]

– Added FXO auto dial out function to troubleshoot analog trunks [FXO AUTO DIAL OUT]

– Added ability for users to enable/disable extension ranges in setup wizard [DISABLE EXTENSION RANGES OPTION IN SETUP WIZARD]

– Added support for CALL (CDR report) and MiniBar Options for hMobile [MINI BAR FOR PMS]

– Added option to batch add rooms in PMS Room status [BATCH ADD ROOMS IN PMS]

– Added feature code to support PMS wake up configuration [PMS WAKEUP SERVICE CONFIGURATION USING FEATURE CODE]

– Added basic support for IPv6 (BETA) [BASIC IPV6 SUPPORT (BETA)]

– Increased number of ports in port forwarding option to more than 8 ports [MORE PORTS SUPPORTED IN PORT FORWARDING]

– Added ability to allow users to set MTU in Network settings [MTU SETTINGS]

– Added support for SFTP data Sync for troubleshooting [SFTP DATA SYNC FOR ETHERNET CAPTURE]

– Added ability for users to store troubleshooting files to external storages [STORE TROUBLESHOOTING FILES TO SD CARD/USB STORAGE DEVICE]

– Added ability to clean up recorded files in external storage [CLEAN RECORDED FILES IN USB STORAGE DEVICE OR SD CARD]

– Added support for special characters in firmware’s name [ALLOW SPECIAL CHARACTERS IN FIRMWARE FILE NAME]

– Added ability for provision devices from different subnets in Zero Config [ZERO CONFIG: PROVISION DEVICE FROM DIFFERENT SUBNETS]

– Added two digits support for Speed Dial [SUPPORT 2-DIGIT SPEED DIAL INSTEAD OF ONE-KEY DIAL]

– Added support for CRM system to help users connect to Salesforce or SurgarCRM interface [CRM]

– Added more search criteria for CDR Search [MORE SEARCH CRITERIA FOR CDR]

– Added support for super administrator to create users with different customer privilege [SUPPORT SUPER ADMINISTRATOR ASSIGN CUSTOMPRIVILE]

– Added ability for Super administrator to disable the custom privilege of deleting recording files [ENABLE DELETE RECORDING FILES IN CUSTOM PERIVILEGE]

– Added feature code to configure wake up service [SET WAKEUP SERVICE BY FEATURE CODE]

– Added ability to play Music on Hold in extensions through WebUI [PLAY MUSIC ON HOLD IN WEB UI]

– Added display name to indicate the source of the call for RingGroup/CallQueue/IVR. [RING GROUP/CALL QUEUE/IVR DISPLAY OPTION FOR CALLERID]

– Added conference settings for UCM to detect talking users in the conference [UCM CONFERENCE SETTINGS]

– Added iNode usage information [INODE USAGE INFORMATION]


– Fixed Active Calls: Call failure caused by dialing *80/*81+paging/intercom

– Fixed Active Calls: Call could be missed up when dialing voicemail

– Fixed Alert: Failed subscribe of remote extension caused by wrong alert log

– Fixed Announcements Center: Voice Prompt mistakenly recovered automatically

– Fixed Asterisk_crash: Crash caused by change settings in

– Fixed Asterisk_crash: UCM crash when sync LDAP failure

– Fixed Auto Recording: Inbound call displayed error callee number through the register trunk

– Fixed Auto-Recording: CallerID set with special character caused auto record failure

– Fixed Backup/Restore: Available disk space shown in WebUI not correct

– Fixed Backup: Data Sync Log record shows “uncompleted” and Data Sync failed in backup process

– Fixed Backup: Backup Zero config data not take effect

– Fixed Backup: Zero Config Model update package cannot be backup

– Fixed Basic Call: Special character “;” in First Name and Last Name caused Caller name display error

– Fixed Basic Call: CallerID Number caused recording voice prompt missing

– Fixed Basic Call: Does not send the correct Request-Line header under specific cases

– Fixed Basic Call: Error Extension status shown after call hanged up

– Fixed Basic Call: Missing ringback tone when device was set Call Forward Unconditional to external number

– Fixed Basic Call: Package header cannot update IP synchronously with UCM

– Fixed Basic Call: Port range error from 1 to 65535

– Fixed Basic Call: Setting name of TURN servers caused error warning

– Fixed Basic Call: UCM crash caused by short time interval between SIP 200OK and 183 response

– Fixed Basic Call: UCM not respond to INVITE caused by other network devices truncated message

– Fixed BFCP: Range of UDP port number for BFCP not work

– Fixed Call Park: The call park played ring back tong instead of MoH

– Fixed Call Park: Parking options not take effected immediately when parking lots is using

– Fixed Call Queue: Need a sign for suspended user

– Fixed Call Queue: Voice Prompt for destination explanation not clear enough

– Fixed Callback: Callback ignore the PIN Groups of outbound route when its destination is IVR

– Fixed Callback: Inbound into IVR through peer trunk and entering feature codes ‘0#’ caused callback failure

– Fixed Calling Rules: Should forbid to create members with same PIN Number in PIN Group

– Fixed CDR: Bridging Multi-conference caused CDR display error

– Fixed CDR: Call cannot produce CDR record in certain specific scenario

– Fixed CDR: Call connected after parking caused CDR display error

– Fixed CDR: Call Forward Unconditional caused CDR display error

– Fixed CDR: Call to IVR through the voicemail caused CDR display error

– Fixed CDR: Call transfer caused CDR display error

– Fixed CDR: Callee display error using Ring Group with simultaneously mode.

– Fixed CDR: Caller display error when sending fax through Register SIP Trunk

– Fixed CDR: CDR display error when Caller Number or Caller Name include “ ’ ”

– Fixed CDR: CDR display error with calls through FXO inbound to FAX extension

– Fixed CDR: CDR produce multiple records using WebUI to invite members to conference room

– Fixed CDR: CDR wrong display when caller hang up the call before Voice Prompt

– Fixed CDR: CDR_DISA caused CDR display error when caller return to dial and hang up

– Fixed CDR: Conference Schedule in CDR display error

– Fixed CDR: Dial by name caused CDR no answer status even through call is connected

– Fixed CDR: Dial by name to outbound extension voicemail caused call type error

– Fixed CDR: Dialing by DISA caused duplicate CDR recording File

– Fixed CDR: Failed to delete recording files when 1% availability in CDR_Data Partition

– Fixed CDR: Failed to use WebUI to invite a participant to conference would cause duplicate CDRs

– Fixed CDR: Fax record lost issue in user portal page

– Fixed CDR: Fax sending in CDR error display when enabled outbound route filter on Source Caller ID

– Fixed CDR: FXS call to Fax extension caused CDR display error

– Fixed CDR: FXS extension call other extensions through IVR caused CDR display error

– Fixed CDR: Generate duplicated CDRs when using conference invite

– Fixed CDR: Hang up the call before calling operator finish caused display error in CDR

– Fixed CDR: Incorrect CDR status display when call connected extension in queue

– Fixed CDR: Inviting invalid participant to conference caused CDR error display

– Fixed CDR: Large amount of CDR caused error warning prompt when statistic table page changed to other pages

– Fixed CDR: Out of order for attended transfer using feature code

– Fixed CDR: Outbound Fax sending made Premier Caller empty

– Fixed CDR: Press events to DISA in IVR caused CDR error display

– Fixed CDR: Prompt “Failed to update data” when using CDR_API to set TLS bind IP address

– Fixed CDR: Recording file failed when contains LDAP number in Ring Group

– Fixed CDR: Showing multiple record files after transfer to Operator.

– Fixed CDR: The callee number only record 30 bits

– Fixed CDR: CDR cannot search numbers with special character ‘+’

– Fixed CDR: While CDR cleaned, the recording files not cleaned together

– Fixed CID: CID shown “Asterisk” if set user’s name as ’’ and left CID number empty

– Fixed Concurrent User: Error warning prompt when the length of user name exceed six

– Fixed Concurrent User: No notification email sent when admins change their passwords

– Fixed Conference Schedule: cannot use invite function for users invited by CCM

– Fixed Conference: Alert prompted “By Administration” in English while UCM’s system language is not English

– Fixed Conference: Caller still got ring back tone even through invited wrong extension number

– Fixed Conference: Cannot delete conference room when setting its conference number as ‘0’

– Fixed Conference: Conference number starting with 0 caused conference option error in WebUI

– Fixed Conference: Enable MCB caused record conference failed

– Fixed Conference: Information of extension member did not update

– Fixed Conference: Inviting outside number through WebUI caused the callerID display error

– Fixed Conference: Need to implement a function for batch deleting large quantities of recording files

– Fixed Conference: No check box for confirmation in inviting members

– Fixed Conference: Not Google Calendar does not Sync with Conference Schedule

– Fixed Conference: played conf-onlyperson.gsm after MCB with ordinary member in remote conference room

– Fixed Conference: Pressing *84 caused UCM system crash

– Fixed Conference: Record Conference not enabled when auto-record make MCB invite to another conference

– Fixed Conference: UCM replied incorrect NOTIFY when client send update subscribe in Conference CEI

– Fixed Conference: Using CCM to invite member by admin and re-enter the conference caused UCM reply 404 Not Found

– Fixed Conference: Wrong voice prompted when users press *2 after admin press *83

– Fixed Custom Prompts: Upload prompt unknown error occurred when the file contains “ ’ ” in the name

– Fixed Dial-By-Name: failed to match when same extension in LDAP phonebook

– Fixed disabled extensions receiving email from UCM

– Fixed Dynamic Defense: User could not login when using IP address that deleted from blacklist

– Fixed Email: Email Template Variables not work with subject

– Fixed Email: Fax and Password email have extra picture attachment when using Outlook Express to check email

– Fixed Email: SIP user ID not shown correctly in Email

– Fixed Email: Subject could not be restored to default setting

– Fixed Extension: Adding nine or ten local subnets with enabled “Show Advanced Options” caused abnormal display on WebUI

– Fixed Extension: Cannot change “Auto Record” and “Language” in Batch process

– Fixed Extension: Extension cannot be imported in some situation

– Fixed Extension: In chrome browser, showing SIP/IAX password caused wrong display on Auth ID and Voicemail Password

– Fixed Extension: Need to implement “add language option” in batch add extensions

– Fixed Extension: Not allow special character ‘_’ in username of SIP register trunk

– Fixed Extension: Special Character ‘<’,’>’ and ‘<>’ caused display error

– Fixed Fail2ban: Cannot set -1 in banned duration of Fail2ban settings

– Fixed Fax: Enable Jitter buffer caused failure of sending T38

– Fixed FAX: No response for the 401 Challenge after T38 re-invite on incoming faxes

– Fixed Feature Code: Call forward Unconditional Deactivate not work

– Fixed Feature Code: Call recover from parking could use feature code even through UCM disabled feature code

– Fixed Feature Code: Modifying parking timeout while extension is parking caused Call Park unavailable

– Fixed Feature Codec: Call Completion Request cannot start with **+number

– Fixed FollowMe: FollowMe display error when two extensions ring simultaneously

– Fixed FXS: Email does not contain name of FXS extension

– Fixed FXS: Message Waiting tone will be prompt when the FXS hold the call

– Fixed IAX: IAX Peer Trunk not send CID name when not check keep trunk CID

– Fixed IE9: Access device page not available on Zeroconfig device list when using IE9 browser

– Fixed IE9: Cannot show Zeroconfig update page in IE9 browser

– Fixed Inbound route: The Caller number in blacklist caused repeat UCM voice prompt

– Fixed Inbound Route: Using same outbound proxy caused call failure

– Fixed Internal Options: Special Character ‘@’ and “ ’ ” caused error display in global outbound CID

– Fixed IVR: No warning voice prompt when failed to play uploaded IVR files

– Fixed IVR: The recording file missing caller and callee

– Fixed Language: Call the trunk through DISA with Chinese Language setting, the voice prompt changed to English

– Fixed Language: Urgent prompt do not support languages other than English

– Fixed LDAP: Missing “Decrypt” button for root password

– Fixed Log: Conference Schedule Member duplicated in Log

– Fixed Log: Not log operation in deleting Alert log

– Fixed Log: The operation log cannot record any changes of user information

– Fixed Login: No limit times for entering wrong password

– Fixed Monitor: Required to implement permission about monitor

– Fixed Network: Port forwarding caused UCM login error

– Fixed Network: Setting DHCP address pool caused DHCP Client lost

– Fixed Network: Special character ‘ ” ’ in username and password of pppoe caused the network down

– Fixed Network: UCM LAN address not able to be saved in the DHCP client list

– Fixed Operation Log: Showing “Fromstring” instead of “Display Name” in Operation log

– Fixed Outbound rule: Not allowed to set the pattern as ‘[N], [X], [Z]’

– Fixed Outbound Rule: The warning prompt for repeat interval not work

– Fixed Outbound: The inbound call ignore the PIN Group in certain specific scenarios

– Fixed Paging/Intercom: Paging/Intercom succeed even through no member is included

– Fixed Password: Checking password with clicking bulb sign caused password changed to “undefined”

– Fixed PBX Status: Login as administrator caused PBX status missing

– Fixed PMS: cannot enable wakeup service if non-numerical character contained in room number

– Fixed PMS: CDR did not move to correct new extension after room changed

– Fixed PMS: Incorrect Chinese translation in “Start Address Number”

– Fixed PMS: Showing the added wakeup service info through WebUI need to manually refresh the page

– Fixed PMS: The room and wakeup service not delete when deleting blinding extension

– Fixed PMS: UCM reported wakeup status with wrong room number

– Fixed PMS: UCM unable to send wake status after disabled wakeup feature code

– Fixed PMS: Update for Check-in information on WebUI needs to be refreshed manually

– Fixed PMS: Value of PMS URL could not be set as domain type

– Fixed PMS: Voice prompt in PMS for room service do not have conformation update

– Fixed PMS: Wakeup service could not be fully deleted

– Fixed Queue: Chinese Voice prompt not clear for Queue

– Fixed Queue: The retry time prompt warning display error when set Chinese Language in WebUI

– Fixed Recording: Failed to record the analog call when it transferred to other extensions.

– Fixed Recording: Missed caller and callee in recording file from callback

– Fixed Recording: Missing caller and callee’s information for call back record

– Fixed Ring Group: CallerID in LDAP number display error when set the Trunk CID

– Fixed Ring Group: Error warning prompt when edit the extension with default destination to voicemail_extension of ring group

– Fixed Ring Group: Inbound Calls through analog trunk failed to play Ring Group Custom Prompt

– Fixed Ring Group: Option of Music on Hold mistakenly appeared after restore the ring group backup file

– Fixed Ring Group: Ring Group displayed abnormal status without registered members.

– Fixed Ring Group: Ring Group MoH not played on inbound calls through analog trunks

– Fixed Setup Guide: Setup Wizard should not be shown in User Portal

– Fixed Setup Wizard: Changes in Setup Wizard cannot be saved with IE browser.

– Fixed SIP Settings: Setting bind IP address to WAN IP caused UCM cannot send Bye notification

– Fixed SLA: 603 message caused UCM send incorrect notify state

– Fixed System Event: Dialing extension and hang up before 480 caused system log missing

– Fixed System Event: Edit current events caused previous event mistakenly changed

– Fixed System Event: Email notification should not be enabled when alarm is disabled

– Fixed System Event: Hanging up the call in WebUI caused duplicated alert log records

– Fixed System Event: Need to implement a detect cycle in “Register SIP Failed” alert

– Fixed System Event: No alert log when call failed caused by 603 declined

– Fixed System Events: Error warning prompt when clicking Email Notification

– Fixed TCP/TLS: deleting and then reloading TLS Cert/TLS Key caused export configuration failed.

– Fixed Time Display: Time display error on WebUI

– Fixed Trunk: CallerID Name in Trunk and Extension should have same limits

– Fixed Trunk: DTMF method not being negotiated

– Fixed Trunk: Outbound call failure when registered trunk enabled TEL URL and removed OBP from route

– Fixed Trunk: Special Character in CallerID Name caused auto choose global outbound CID and name

– Fixed Trunk: Suggested to optimize tips when enabled keep trunk CID but disabled config CallerID

– Fixed Trunk: Trunk status shown unmonitored after reboot with qualify enabled

– Fixed Trunk: UCM respond 401 unauthorized when received option request didn’t match trunk

– Fixed User Management: Login time mistakenly updated when reload the page

– Fixed User Management: Operation log error display caused by reset the user data

– Fixed User Portal: Listing files caused CGI crash

– Fixed User Portal: Message display error

– Fixed Voicemail: The reply option in voicemail caused error warning voice prompt in Peer Trunk users

– Fixed Voicemail: Users could not delete their own recorded ‘unavailable message’

– Fixed Voicemail: Voicemail should be displayed based on its status in User Portal WebUI

– Fixed Warning: “SIP peer trunk status” prompted multiple times

– Fixed Warning: Alert Contact Email list can save same email address

– Fixed Warning: Call Failure caused duplicated alert log records

– Fixed Warning: Clicking Email notification caused error warning prompt

– Fixed Warning: Disabling the alert caused login notification failed

– Fixed Warning: Disk usage display error when it restored to normal

– Fixed Warning: Error information displayed in waring message for Disk Usage and External Disk Usage

– Fixed Warning: Normal Status of SIP Peer Trunk caused wrong alert

– Fixed Warning: Sending Email error in Super Admin user when delete all email address in administrator users

– Fixed Warning: The default detect cycle of memory usage is too short

– Fixed Warning: UCM displayed duplicate waring logs when SIP internal call failed and received 408

– Fixed Warning: Warning caused mailbox received duplicated Warning Emails

– Fixed Warning: Warning Email destination not synchronized

– Fixed Warning: Warning log display error in some situation

– Fixed Warning: Warning logs printed duplicated SIP Peer Trunk Status

– Fixed WebRTC: Hide the WebRTC anonymous config item in web page

– Fixed ZeroConfig: DP750 Phonebook download protocol with error values

– Fixed ZeroConfig: Incorrect SIP/RTP tooltip for DP750 Layer 3

– Fixed ZeroConfig: Lost one P-value for DP750 Automatic Upgrade

– Fixed ZeroConfig: Appeared save error prompt after uploaded firmware

– Fixed ZeroConfig: Need to implement filed description on Softkey, Line keys and MPK

– Fixed ZeroConfig: Unknown error prompt when using GXV3275 template to manage storage


– For UCM6510 that’s already on or above, please upgrade to directly using the “ucm6500fw.bin” file. Backup your data (including configuration) before firmware upgrade is recommended.

– Backup your data including configuration before firmware upgrade is recommended.

For UCM6510 that’s still on (or lower), please follow upgrading instructions to upgrade to

– Backup, Backup, Backup, yes, backup your data (including configuration) before doing any firmware upgrade! An SD card or USB Flash Drive is needed for backup purpose.)

– For UCM6510, upgrading from firmware version (or lower) to firmware version directly is not supported. Please upgrade to and then (in the firmware package), before upgrading to The firmware upgrading process should be (or lower) ->> ->

– The UCM6510 will be reset to factory default settings after upgrading to Users need restore backup file manually or re-configure after upgrade. Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT to manually BACKUP data on the UCM6510 before upgrade. Users will also be requested for backup when upgrading from to

– Once upgraded to, downgrading to (or lower) is not supported.


– Upgrade UCM6510 from firmware to using the “ucm6500fw.bin” file.

– When the UCM6510 is on firmware, open a web browser on a PC connected to the same network as UCM6510 to log in UCM6510 web UI. Go to Maintenance->Upgrade page, manually upload “ucm6500dpt.bin” file under Local Upgrade section from your PC. The “ucm6500dpt.bin” file can be found in the “” folder in the firmware package.

– Once the UCM6510 finishes loading the ucm6500dpt.bin file successfully, it will reboot and automatically boot into recovery mode.

– In recovery mode, the UCM6510 LCD will display its IP address. Please type this IP address in the web browser of your PC that is connected to the same network as the UCM6510. Please make sure you have cleared your browser cache and type in IP address only (Do not specify protocol or port number). For example, if the IP address displayed in LCD is, please type in in the browser address bar.

– The following figure shows the UCM6510 web UI in recovery mode. Log in the UCM6510 as administrator.

– Once logged in (as shown in figure below), click on “Upload” and select firmware “ucm6500fw.bin” file from your PC to upload

– Please keep the web page open and wait until uploading is finished. Once done, an upgrading successful message will be prompted.

– On the recovery mode web UI, select “Reboot” to reboot the UCM6510.

– Your UCM6510 is successfully upgraded to

– Please navigate to UCM6510 web UI, go to Maintenance->Upgrade page, manually upload firmware “ucm6500fw.bin” file to upgrade to

About VoIP System Updates:

Firmware updates for VoIP Systems are very complex and usually contain many bug fixes, security improvements and compatibility enhancements, because the base system must be able to connect to webcams, video conference devices and the like.

Upgrading your VoIP System firmware should be done as often as possible to keep your device up to date with new security standards, and improve the native plug and play capabilities of your device.

Although beta firmware are usually full of new and exciting features, updating to them should only be done after thoroughly reading the changelog and making sure that you still retain phone functionality. Remember to check if you can revert to a more stable version as well, in case the new update is not what you were expecting.

If you intend to apply this update, please make sure that the package is compatible with your VoIP System, hit the download button, follow the installation instructions and enjoy. Check out our website as often as possible in order to keep your device “Updated one minute ago.”

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