Grandstream GXP2130 IP Phone Firmware for OS Independent


  • COMPATIBLE WITH:OS Independent
  • File size :51.9 MB
  • Manufacturer:Grandstream

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Grandstream GXP2130 IP Phone Firmware for OS Independent


– Added options to enable/disable custom SIP header [ENABLE/DISABLE CUSTOM SIP HEADER]

– Added Support for configuring RTP port range [SUPPORT FOR CONFIGURING RTP PORT RANGE]

– Added Support for more keys as send [SUPPORT MORE KEYS USED AS SEND]

– Added Support of configurable HTTP/HTTPS port for Web UI [SUPPORT OF CONFIGURABLE HTTP/HTTPS WEB PORT]

– Added Language input search support [SUPPORT FOR LANGUAGE INPUT SEARCH]

– Added Single button call parking support [SUPPORT OF SINGLE BUTTON CALL PARK]

– Added Option to set the DTMF delay [OPTION TO SET DTMF DELAY]

– Added option to enable/disable HTTP access [OPTION TO DISABLE HTTP ACCESS]

– Added Silent ringtone option [SILENT RINGTONE OPTION]

– Added Option to lock or restrict to only call/receive functionality without menu access and ability to configure anything from phone side [CONFIGURATION VIA KEYPAD MENU]

– Added Ability to change instant message display duration [INSTANT MESSAGE DISPLAY DURATION]

– Added Ability to change screensaver pictures via HTTP server [SCREENSAVER SERVER PATH]

– Added Support for DHCP option 132 & 133 tunneled through DHCP option 43 [ENABLE DHCP VLAN]

– Added Ability to use MPK to trigger a conference [MPK FOR CONFERENCE]

– Added Ability to display mobile and home number when searching in local

– Added Ability to choose the dialing account to dial a contact from local phonebook [DIAL FROM LOCAL PHONEBOOK]

– Added Ability to set call forwarding from the web GUI [CALL FORWARDING FROM WEB UI]

– Added Ability to disable/enable a sound notification for each ringing monitored BLF [BLF PICKUP SOUND]

– Added Option to allow the user to modify the configuration Bluetooth via Web UI [BLUETOOTH CONFIGURATIONS]

– Added Option to enable/disable voicemail indication [VOICEMAIL INDICATION]

– Added random registration [RADOM REGISTRATION]

– Added return code when call is rejected or DND [RETURN CODE]

– Added option to enable Plantronics EHS headset ringtone [PLANTRONICS EHS HEADSET RINGTONE]

– Changed OPUS sampling rate to 48000 Hz. SDP session descriptions in invite for OPUS: a=rtpmap:123 opus/48000/2


– Fixed web UI displays wrong tips if modifying outbound notification during active call

– Fixed line seize failed and 481 subscription does not exist

– Fixed when screensaver is active, popup window does not work correctly, e.g. if there is new firmware found during screen saver, user cannot reject it

– Fixed if VPK is using call park, we should still support dial out even if SUBSCRIBE fails

– Fixed users cannot search for a contact without knowing the account to which it is assigned

– Fixed link command displays 100Mb/s for Gigabit ports

– Fixed call forward using forward softkey ignores the dial plan

– Fixed phone reply with 486 when the called extension is registered on the same phone

– Fixed cannot accomplish auto-attended transfer using BLF key containing “.”

– Fixed device GUI crashed after pressing transfer VPK

– Fixed LCD will not skip after pressing RIGHT key to call in target page

– Fixed LCD displays wrong info after offhook timeout

– Fixed device upgrade fails after uploading firmware in serial console disabling status

– Fixed screensaver source works abnormally after changing screensaver power

– Fixed switching hands-free mode LED to re-sending BLF subscribe

– Fixed GXP2130 & 2135 has no screensaver source option on LCD display webpage

– Fixed Bluetooth name in LCD and webpage are displayed abnormally

– Fixed phone continues to send SIP options after receiving “415 Unsupported Media Type”

– Fixed no conference mode in LCD VPK/MPK settings page

– Fixed conference MPK icon is the same with speed dial mode

– Fixed conference ID is still displayed on extension board after cleaning

– Fixed some new features are still resettable even in default status

– Fixed Bluetooth power option in LCD displayed mistakenly

– Fixed screensaver settings in LCD not identical with those on webpage

– Fixed pressing RIGHT key still could modify VPK in keyboard menu lock mode

– Fixed “Enable DHCP VLAN” feature tip info displaying XXXX

– Fixed LCD does not skip after EXT speed dial in target page

– Fixed GXP color phone should wait to send REFER until the hold process is complete when doing call park

– Fixed the existed extra “Call History Flash Writing” option on call features webpage

– Fixed added phone will still resend SUBSCRIBE when receiving 489 response with non-zero Retry-After header

– Fixed there is one-way audio in Hand-free call answered by “Answer” softkey


– For GXP2130/2140/2160, once upgraded to or above, downgrading to 1.0.5.x firmware version or lower is not supported.

– For GXP2170/2135, once upgraded to or above, downgrading to firmware version or lower is not supported.

– This release adds Predictive Dialing feature which included a required internal change. If you downgrade from to you will lose the call history.

About VoIP Phone Updates:

Firmware updates for VoIP Phones are very important as they usually contain many bug fixes, add new features and updates, as well as add additional security features.

One of the main problems users come across when attempting to upgrade their VoIP Phone is that their device may be locked to a certain Carrier. Adding an unlocked version of the firmware may cause the device to stop working on certain networks. This operation may void your carrier warranty and, as such, is not recommended.

Before downloading, make sure that you have selected the appropriate firmware for your device and that the update supports the VoIP service provider you use.

Generally, it is important to upgrade older firmware in sequence (v1 to v2 to v3) and so on, because many manufacturers don’t launch standalone update packages.

Although using beta release firmware packages is tempting, it can prove to be quite risky as well. If you choose to try beta release updates, please read the detailed firmware notes and make sure that you have the possibility to revert to an older and more stable version in case the beta turns out faulty.

If you feel that this update can improve the functionality of your VoIP Phone, please use the download button and follow the installation instructions.

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